by The August Guns

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Worlds Edge 03:17
Let the lines be cast This gale too shall pass We’re sailing on with tattered flags unfurled Over the edge of the world Straight on until the morning comes Straight on until the new day dawns Straight on until the morning star arises in our hearts Like roaring waters, I hear the voice (Son please listen. Won’t you listen?) My fear immersed in truest joy The final dance over the edge to roaring death I close my eyes. I hold my breath Here we go
The Crown 03:25
What makes a king? Is it the finer things? To have what other men desire? If he gains the world but loses his soul, what does he acquire? He’s but a breath, he’s but a vapor, here today tomorrow gone And what is left after his stay here? Will his kingdom carry on? Can’t carry the crown Oh cast it down, sing out the sound If all breath is a loan bartered on borrowed time we can chase after gold or toward what truly shines when the great and the small either rise or they fall but we all get our turn in the line And the man with the money, the power, the fame, he won’t take precedence. He’ll be treated the same as the vagrant, the marked, with a wide open heart we will know if we’re naked or named
Castles 03:26
Faulty reprieve. We built our castles on the shoreline to stand for all time We raised them high. Our walls so strong. We built them proud. We built them wrong They crumble down our cornerstones give way, our mortar cannot hold Chasing after wind and words to say when we’re called to be bold Rise up empty. Stronger in the broken places. They skyline changes Waging war beyond all flesh and bone. Break the strongholds crack the stone
Spent my days in darkness with my hand upon the wall wandering half lit hopeless halls I spent my nights in the same shadows as the day. Never know or behold until I heard Him speak He told me go Go to Siloam and wash your eyes For from birth I’d been blind That I might know that I might see You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free I saw my beggar hands. They were the autumn leaves Shriveled and desperate and worn. Deeply in need Who is this Man who makes me see? Who is this Man that I might believe He gives blind men epiphany Lame legs mobility Deaf ears sweet symphony Dead men vitality So I went to Siloam and washed my eyes For from birth I’d been blind And now I know and now I see Now I know the truth and the truth has set me free Know the truth and the truth shall set you free
Seasons 04:03
All flesh is like grass and flowers of the field It withers and falls down but My Word never yields Seasons will come and seasons will go I stay the same But enduring life grows in me Of imperishable seed


released June 10, 2015


all rights reserved



The August Guns Des Moines, Iowa

IA based The August Guns delivers a dynamic blend of alternative rock and post-hardcore full of off kilter rhythms, crushing instrumentation, and soaring vocals sure to appeal to fans of bands like Thrice, Emery, Thursday, and Senses Fail

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